About LLC «CRC»

About LLC «CRC»

The Company’s principal activity is to provide services for keeping the registers of securities holders - Company's clients, including keeping the registers of international companies established as a result of redomiciliation in the Russian Federation.

The main goal is to create and maintain a high-tech system for storing and recording the ownership rights of holders of registered securities of Russian issuers in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. LLC «CRC» is a team of professionals whose primary tasks are:
– to create and maintain a stable client base to ensure the financing of the Company's operations;
– continuous improvement of its services, software and hardware to provide services within the framework of its activities, taking into account the specifics of the Company's clients' core business;
– building processes, based on the existing experience of Russian companies operating in the securities market, to create a seamless system for maintaining securities registers of the Company's clients in strict compliance with the norms of current legislation of the Russian Federation;
– creating and maintaining a positive business reputation and high standards of service in relations with the Company's clients;
– using software and hardware, increasing their reliability to enable remote customer service;
– following the latest trends in corporate customer service and promptly organizing processes in accordance with innovations in legislation within the framework of the licensed activity;
– active developing additional services to support the corporate processes of joint-stock companies.